My Fox News TV Interview on Choosing Happiness!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One of the Top Secrets to being Happy ... Stay Grounded in the Present Moment!

Are you really present to the NOW? Do you find yourself thinking about the past or focusing on something that hasn't even happened yet (and you don't even realize you are doing this)? Sometimes we are so focused on thinking about what to do next or focused on something that just happened, that we really don't see what is in front of us!

Listen to my latest Happiness Coaching Tip, aired on Fox News at 10 in Eugene Oregon, about the gift that lies in staying grounded in the present moment:

I know that when I start thinking about the future (especially if I am concerned about how something is going to turn out), it sure doesn't make me feel good. And as I discussed in the previous post about Worst Case Scenario Imagining, it is DEFINITELY not going to bring me what I want. So, I remind myself in those moments that "ALL IS WELL" right here in this present moment.

And it is. If you really started to think about it, this present moment is pretty darn good! If you are reading this, you have internet access, you have your eyesight, you are breathing, you woke up this morning ... there are so many things to be grateful for right here, right now.

Do what I do when you find yourself thinking about the past or worrying about the future, bring yourself back to the present moment by looking around you and counting all your blessings. Find that place of deep appreciation for WHAT IS. This always works like a charm for me and in that red hot moment I realize that ALL truly is WELL!

There is nothing that you can do about what already happened in the past. And as far as the future, we all know that as deliberate creators, what we think in this present moment will impact the future. So, why not have peaceful, loving, "All is Well" thoughts right now and attract the same type of future life experiences?!

And anyway, if you continue to have one leg in the past and one leg in the future ... where does that leave you? Doing a great big split that will really hurt!!!

Embrace the present moment!

To your Health & Happiness,
~ Maria

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ditch the Worst Case Scenario in your mind!

Ok ... so I know that you have gone there before ... cooking up the worst case scenario before anything bad even happened.

Well, from a Law of Attraction perspective, you are planting that "negative seed" of the worst thing happening. After all, if your thoughts and feelings are energy, then thinking and feeling that the worst case scenario is going to happen WILL only influence the result negatively. So why do it? It doesn't make you feel good, it only makes you worry more. And we all know what worrying attracts to us!

Listen to my 30-second video clip, aired on Fox News at 10 in Eugene Oregon on Cooking up those Worst Case Scenarios:

A while ago, I had a coaching client who cooked up the worst case scenario in her head that she was going to be homeless. Now, she was FAR from being homeless at this time and had tons of money in the bank for cushion and security. Yet her fears were taking her to the worst place, which definitely didn't make her feel good. During one of her first coaching sessions, she told me that she wasn't good at visualizing and imagining her dreams and desires -- she used the excuse "I am not good at visualizing and pretending". I gracefully pointed out to her that she was REAL good at visualizing, but just from the negative perspective. She had a very active imagination and could "see" herself living out the worst case scenario! Interesting, huh? So, was she really not good at visualizing? Or did she just build her negative scenario muscles MORE than her positive scenario ones?

Once we started working on this, she realized she could use that same skill of imagining, but only on the positive side of things. So, we started building those best case scenario muscles and soon she was feeling a whole lot better and wouldn't you know it ... positive manifestations happened in her life. She didn't end up homeless. Matter of fact, she attracted a couple of inheritances from family members who passed on ... something that came to her once she opened up to the possibility of the positive side for her future.

We all create our reality by the nature of our thoughts and feelings. So, what are you imagining will happen in your future now? Is it the worst case, the best case, something that makes you worry more or something that makes you leap for joy?

You choose!

So, ditch your worst case scenario and flip it to the best case scenario! You will feel so much better!!!

To your Health & Happiness,
~ Coach Maria

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Stop Worrying!

This is a popular topic to talk about. After all, who do you know that has NEVER worried in their life? I've worried. I'm sure you have too.

There are many people that are chronic worriers. Is that you?

But worrying doesn't really serve any purpose. Matter of fact, you are negatively impacting your future life experiences by worrying all the time. Listen to my latest inspirational video clip that will be aired tonight on Fox News at 10 in Eugene, Oregon. It will definitely get you thinking about stopping that worrying and shifting to a better feeling place! And YES ... it is within your reach!

I can't tell you how many times I have heard from people that "Worry is in my blood" or "I come from a long line of family members who worry constantly". First of all, like I said in the above video clip, WORRY is NOT in your blood. It is a feeling and emotion that you choose to have (whether it feels like you are choosing it or not -- you are). I know, it may feel like you don't know any other way. But, now you do.

You have to start building your "appreciation" muscles instead of feeding that big hairy ugly worry monster which is getting stronger and stronger each time you are concerned about the future!

Here's a great quote from Abraham-Hicks on worrying and appreciating:

"When you are worrying, you are planning. When you are appreciating, you are planning. What are YOU planning?"

I know that when I have worried about something in my life, it never brought me the thing I wanted to happen. It always makes me feel worse and in hindsight when I look back at those worrying times, it also attracted to me more things to be worried about. That's just the Law of Attraction in action, isn't it?

And I want you to know that at times, even as a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, I find myself falling into that "worry mode". But here's the beauty about knowing about the power we have "to choose how we feel" -- I always catch myself doing it and make a conscious choice in that moment to shift to a more positive place. This is what being a deliberate creator of our life experiences is all about! It's quite empowering!

So, replace that worrying with appreciating what you do have, what you do love about your life. Make a list of all that you ARE grateful for. And next time you find yourself buying into the belief that "worrying is just who you are and the way you are wired", ask yourself "and how's that working for me?" And then, when you realize it is not, choose a belief that is more empowering ... maybe one like:

"I choose what I think and feel and today I am going to reach for a better feeling thought!"

To your Health & Happiness,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Positive THINKING doesn't work!

Did that title catch you off guard? After all, I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach, of course I believe in positive thinking, right?

Well, yes and no ... listen to my message below that will be aired tonight on Fox News at 10 in Eugene, Oregon about this very topic:

So, yes, it is important to think positively, however without the feelings underneath to match those thoughts, you will not be able to deliberately create the life you want. I have had many clients, friends, family members who have said to me "I AM being positive" when their facial expression or the tone in their voice was saying the EXACT OPPOSITE!!! Sometimes we try to fool ourselves into saying those positive words:

=> I am going to be successful

=> Oh, it's nothing, things will turn around.

=> I will get that job

=> I can lose that excess weight


But how do you really feel when you are saying these positive statements? Are they a HELL YES ... this is happening or are they a "I hope this will happen; I have some doubt but maybe, just maybe". Can you feel the difference?

Your "attraction power" lies within the nature of the feelings you are experiencing. If you are feeling negative underneath, you can speak all the positive words in the world - but there wouldn't be enough words to bring to you the ideal outcome. Those negative feelings will just attract more life experiences that will make you feel negative. If you are feeling positive and expecting the good outcome, eagerly anticipating it to come, then you will attract the positive outcome or something even better! Yep, that's the way the Law of Attraction works.

So, next time you think you are being positive, just by saying the words, do a gut check and ask yourself "am I really feeling that underneath" and be honest. It's OK to notice that you are not, because once you are aware of what you are doing, you can change it!

Awareness is the first step to creating the life we want. Just like you have to know where you are going before you get in a car to drive somewhere, you must know how you are feeling so that you can navigate accordingly to deliberately create the life you want.

To your Health & Happiness,
~ Coach Maria

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Feel Good when you Don't Feel Good!

As a Law of Attraction Coach and Teacher, I get this question asked to me often: "But how am I supposed to feel good, when I don't feel good?!"

First watch my video reply to this popular question (which is being aired on Fox News tonight) and then I will get into it a little more on this blog post:

So, there you have it ... it is all about your FOCUS! Here's what I have learned about that:

The more you focus on what you don't want and what makes you feel bad about a situation or your life, the more you will attract into your life that which you don't want. That's the way the Law of Attraction works. I know you get this concept. Because when life sucks, it sucks, doesn't it? It seems like you keep on attracting those bad things into your life and you think "when is it going to stop!" I have heard many people say "it comes in threes" -- they say that about the bad things only. Have you ever heard that one? I am sure you have. Well, that's just a belief and a story and not THE TRUTH -- it is just something you are buying into. What if we chose to believe that good things come in threes or that good things can keep on coming (no limit to the number). Can you see the difference in how that new belief feels?

So, you need to change your focus. Focus on what is positive in your life. Focus on what you want to happen in your life. Talk about the way you want it to be, instead of continuing to complain about the way it is. Because if you continue to complain about the way it is, that is definitely NOT going to bring you what you want. You will just keep on experiencing more life events that make you feel bad and prove to you that you don't have the life you want!

In the video, I talk about building your WANT muscles ... try it today. Start talking about the way you want it to be. Let me give you an example from my own life that will help you to see how to pivot from the "DON'T WANT" to the "WANT":

When I was diagnosed with MS a while ago, it would have been real easy to focus on what I didn't want and the symptoms I was having and to focus on a future that I didn't want. But instead (after I had my initial moment of crying after hearing the diagnosis), I decided to focus on what I did want - which was perfect health. I even made a decision that the diagnosis was going to be "just a bump in the road". And when those symptoms came up, I took my focus off what wasn't feeing good physically and turned it to what felt good in my life -- even if it meant that I had to shift to another area of my life. I also started telling the story to my friends and family that one day I would be off a drug therapy and feeling great again. I didn't know HOW that was going to happen, I just decided and focused on the way I wanted it to be, not the way that I didn't want it to be. And you guessed it, I am now living the way I want it to be! And it was all because I built my "I WANT" muscles and kept on focusing on what felt good!

To your Health & Happiness,
~ Coach Maria

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happiness is a Choice! - An inspirational tip I shared with Fox News viewers

I was recently interviewed by Fox News at 10 in Eugene, Oregon about my Life Coaching mission, to help people to be happy, no matter what bumps in the road they are facing. Yes, I do believe that it is within your reach to be happy - because being happy is more about what you choose to think and feel on a daily basis, despite the circumstances of your life.

I shared my vision with Fox News that I would like to see more positive, upbeat messages being aired on TV, to help society reach for a better feeling thought, instead of continuing to put the negative news in their minds and going to bed with those type of images. After all, what we choose to surround ourselves by impacts the quality of our lives. So, why not bring more positive messages to the world and share with people HOW they can feel better, when things look down in their lives?!

Well, my local Fox News was very receptive to this, matter of fact, after my interview with them (which you can watch above at the top of this blog), they wanted to share my message of positivity by airing many of my Lovin' Life quotes that I write and share on Twitter every single day!
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Now, I am creating mini video clips to be aired on Fox News this week that will give you more of that personal connection with me and inspire you to choose happiness and making feeling good your #1 priority.

Here's the video clip that will be aired tonight on TV:

I have heard so many new coaching clients come to me and say "when I am in a loving relationship, then I will be happy" or "when my business takes off and I am making a decent amount of money, that's when I will be happy". But the first lesson is to learn that being happy is more about what's inside of you. Many people chase their dreams, but it is not the dreams themselves that will make us happy. Think of all the people that are wealthy beyond their wildest imaginations (celebrities, CEO's, etc.) -- are they all happy? Or do we hear stories of them being everything BUT happy. Money doesn't bring happiness. A loving relationship doesn't bring happiness. A great career doesn't bring happiness. A successful business doesn't bring happiness.

Happiness IS an inside job and it is a choice that we are given each and every moment of the day.

What happens when that career we love gets stressful or when there are some trying times in our relationships? Is it the career or the relationship that is going to make us happy in those moments? No. It is what we choose to think and feel. It is HOW we respond to what life throws our way.

I am so passionate about this topic because what I have realized over the years, being a Law of Attraction student, coach, and teacher, is that learning how to be happy, no matter what, IS what attracts to us the life situations that we so desire and dream of. If you are not happy, how can you attract "happy" events in your life. You are a magnet. And your thoughts & feelings are the things that are drawing life situations to you (whether good or bad). And it all matches up. Good attracts the good and bad attracts the bad.

And here's the great news ... YOU choose what you think and feel. You can always reach for a better feeling thought and respond differently to life's trying situations. Yes, you are that powerful. Doesn't that feel good?

Wishing you a Lovin' Life day!

P.S. If you enjoy what I am up to here (sharing the positive, uplifting messages with the world through mainstream TV), then feel free to comment on my YouTube videos and also share my video messages with your local news station -- I am passionate about spreading my message of Lovin' Life Now to as many people as possible, so that this world's happiness quotient starts to increase and all of us start to walk around feeling happy more often and Lovin' Life! Thank you for helping me spread my message of positivity, hope and empowerment!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Law of Attraction - Opening up to Infinite Possibilities!

I recently wrote an article for my Lovin’ Life e-Zine called "Who's to Say?!" and it was inspired while I was watering my beautiful garden.

I realized that anything can happen when you are "in the vortex" (as we LOA'ers call it) -- which basically means that when we are feeling good and Lovin' Life, no matter what we are doing, we are opening the doorways to all our dreams, even if that action step is not even closely related to our goal. For example, if I am watering the garden and feeling pure joy doing it, I could be creating pathways and opportunities for further growing my business.

This article is meant to expand your mind, open you up to infinite possibilities, make you realize that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you make feeling good your #1 priority. And feeling good is always a choice that you have in this red hot moment. It's all about choosing thoughts and feelings that are more aligned with joy as opposed to thoughts and feelings that are aligned with all the things that you don't want or don't like about your life. Those thoughts and feelings take you further away from your desires and dreams.

So, I hope you enjoy this article as much as my Lovin' Life e-Zine subscribers did!

Here's what I wrote:

Featured Article: Who's To Say?!
by Maria C. Lesetz, Law of Attraction Health & Happiness Coach

* Who’s to say that you can’t be watering your garden and as a result of that pure joy you have when doing this, you get a new client and your business continues to grow along with your flowers?

* Who’s to say that you can’t be doing absolutely nothing (but thoroughly enjoying that “nothing”) and as a result one of your biggest dreams start to unfold?

* Who’s to say that “goofing off” is not productive? What if “goofing off” and loving every minute of it was the most productive thing you could do?

* Who’s to say that daydreaming is futile/useless and is only for the lazy people who want to live in their delusional world? What if living in that “delusional world” is exactly what will bring you what you want in life?!

* Who’s to say that you have to join a dating site to meet your perfect mate? Maybe you just have to follow what will bring you joy for that day, go to a coffee shop and enjoy your coffee with your favorite scone and BAM .. he or she just shows up?

* Who’s to say that you have to eat all the right foods to be healthy? What if you just had to think the right thoughts to do the same? What if having that healthy and fit body wasn’t so damn hard and it was easier than you thought?

* Who’s to say that when you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition that it has to change your life for the worst? You can treat it like “just another bump in the road” like I did and turn it into one of your greatest success stories!

* Who’s to say that growing your business is about doing all the right marketing things? What if growing your business was conditional on one thing and one thing only … that you were feeling JOY with every action step you take?

* Who’s to say that you can’t have it all? Maybe you can “have it all” and then some!

* Who’s to say that when your day didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to that it was a wasted day? Maybe those series of events that seemed like pointless detours are the exact pathway to manifesting what you want… if only you could RELAX about how your day went and embrace the attitude of “it is what it is”!

* Who’s to say that the YOU have to figure it all out? What if YOU just made feeling good your #1 priority and as a result of that the Universe delivered to you the HOW of unfolding your dream!

* Who’s to say that money can’t just show up out of nowhere? It happens all the time. It can! I am sending you a “You’ve Got Money” vibe right now! You just have to be open to receiving money by loving your life and treating money with abundant love, knowing that it will always be there to take care of you.

* Who’s to say that you have to work hard to get all the luxuries of life? I know people that “play hard” and get all the same things. And they are happier than the ones that work hard! Isn’t happiness the ultimate goal any way? Isn't being happy the "luxury" we all are looking for?

* Who’s to say that anything that you believe that doesn’t feel good is the law of the land? It isn’t! If it doesn’t feel good, then you need a new story and that my friend, is the key to getting everything you want!

Sending you abundant HUGS and Lovin' Life vibes that are felt at every cell of your body!

© 2010 Maria Lesetz

FEEL FREE TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE, BLOG OR WEB SITE, just be sure to credit me by including the following blurb with the article in its entirety: Maria Lesetz, a Health & Happiness Coach who specializes in Law of Attraction techniques, publishes a monthly Lovin' Life ezine full of tips to help you reduce stress, lose weight, overcome challenges with a chronic health condition, experience more joy each day, and make conscious choices in your life that will help you to manifest all your desires and dreams! Visit for your free subscription.

I felt the above article was a great way to start my new blog of Law of Attraction Daily Lessons.

So, today's lesson is "go do something that puts a smile on your face" and know that with every action step you take that is aligned with joy, you are creating the pathway to your dreams!

To your health and happiness,
~ Coach Maria