My Fox News TV Interview on Choosing Happiness!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life Coach Maria Lesetz says ... Worrying brings you Diddly Squat!!!

OK ... so we all have worried about something in our lives (at some point in time), right?

But has worrying ever helped you in any way shape or form???

Listen to one of my latest Fox News Happiness Tips on Worrying:

Yes, you have a choice on whether to worry or not. You may not feel that way right now. You may be thinking that "it's in your blood" (I have heard that one often from people I know and clients), but it really is not in your blood - you know that!!!

You are choosing to worry. You can make a choice to respond differently to every single life experience you are living right now.

My logical, practical mind says "if worrying brings me absolutely no good and it can only make me feel worse and bring more of the same to me, then why the heck should I worry?"

Think about that one for a while. ANd next time you find yourself worrying about some area of your life, do the following:

1) Catch yourself in the act of worrying. Awareness is the first step to positive change.

2) Ask yourself ... "Is worrying about this going to bring me what I want?"

3) When the answer is "NO" to #2 (which it always will be), then make a conscious choice to reach for a better feeling.

4) How do you reach for a better feeling? There are so many ways.

=> Remind yourself that you can.
=> Shift your focus to something else in your life that puts a smile on your face
=> Meditate
=> Breathe in, Breathe Out (really, this one works like a charm if you really take nice long deep breaths)
=> Focus on what you do want and they way you want it to be.
=> Find the evidence that the way you want it to be can happen (even if it is in someone else's life) -- find the proof positive.

And the list goes on and on and on. I share with my coaching clients so many different ways that they can pivot in that moment of worry and each one takes the path that resonates the most with them.

So ... bottom line and some food for thought:

WORRY ... Why Bother???

To your Health & Happiness,
~ Maria Lesetz, Law of Attraction Happiness Coach