My Fox News TV Interview on Choosing Happiness!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Got the blues? Call a Happiness Coach!

Happiness Coaching isn't just for the select few. Matter of fact it is a service that many people (from all walks of life) are seeking out these days! From Corporate CEO's to housewives to medical professionals and even students; Happiness is something we all seek. But what many of us forget is that Happiness is not just found when we reach our goals and desires. Matter of fact it is exactly the opposite. Achieving our goals and dreams is dependent on how happy we are right here, right now in this present moment. And the great news is that Happiness is something that we can all find within, despite the bumps in the road we face each and every day.

I've been a Happiness Coach for over 10 years now and the one thing I have taught all my coaching clients is that CHOOSING TO BE HAPPY, no matter what, is the key that will open up the door to all your dreams and desires. Yes, sounds a bit corny ... but it is SO true! We always have a choice at how we respond to what life throws our way. And our attitude towards each and every one of our life events is what determines our future life experiences.

There is a Happiness Coaching WAVE that is even happening in the corporate arena, where companies are starting to realize that Happy Employees translates to Healthy, Loyal and Productive Employees which positively impacts the overall success of the company. It's a win-win for all! When I help my corporate clients reduce stress, improve work-life balance, learn how to maintain a positive mindset in the midst of work chaos, they are happier with their career and equate going to work with what brings them joy. And when that happens, not only is the employee happy (and healthier!), but the company that he or she works for benefits ten-fold!!!

On a side note, have you noticed how often "Happiness" is being used as a form of marketing of very large companies? Think about it... Coca-Cola, they have the slogan "Open Happiness"; My Frito Lays slighted salted potato chips say on the bag "Happiness in every bite". And I saw the same type of Happiness message on a Hershey's Chocolate bag too! Isn't it interesting how these companies are using the message of Happiness to sell their products. But come on, we are not fooled ... we all know that a bag of chips or a soda is not going to bring us TRUE happiness. Sure, it may put a smile on your face momentarily (especially that yummy dark chocolate), but inner happiness is not found in food or any material item or even in another person.

It's that "inner happiness" that really feels so yummy and is what will help us to live a fabulous, fulfilling life!

So, if you have the blues and are finding yourself dreading going to work, worrying about your future, your health, your relationships, or if you are just simply lacking that oomph to step up and go after your greatest desires and dreams (because of all the naysayers out there that say you can't because of the economy), then make a decision today to hop on board the Lovin' Life bus => Happiness Coaching at its finest!