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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coaching with the Stars: Where Law of Attraction and Astrology Meet!

Leverage the guidance in your Astrological Chart with 
Law of Attraction Coaching
with Maria Lesetz, Law of Attraction Coach & Jen Williams, Astrologer


Have you ever wondered if there's meaning in the stars?

Would it intrigue you to know that you can use astrology to your advantage and create a more joy-filled life with the information that’s in your horoscope?
Astrology and the Law of Attraction are valuable tools that can help guide you on the path to living out your greatest dreams and desires.

The combination of Astrology and Law of Attraction Coaching offers
an ABUNDANCE of synergistic benefits:
·      A holistic approach to life enrichment guidance that takes into account your personal astrological chart blended with professional coaching to help you get out of your own way and step into your greatness.

·      The ability to leverage the knowledge that exists within your personal astrological chart and unlock the potential that is within your heart and soul.

·      Personalized guidance from an expert Astrologer and Certified Life Coach, where your personal fears, doubts and questions are addressed in a private session filled with an abundance of positive energy, paving the way for infinite opportunities to achieve your dreams.
With the magical combination of LOA Coaching + Astrology you can:
·      Gain great insight into self and others
·      Find the best time to accomplish a task or launch that business idea you have
·      Uncover your unique skills and talents
·      Discover areas of creative potential
·      Make the best use of the Universal energy (e.g., What’s coming up energetically?  Where are the best areas to focus your energy at this time?)
·      Obliterate doubts and worries that creep up and get in the way of your success

Schedule your private LOA Astrology session
for ONLY $147


Our Astrological chart is a dynamic map of possibilities,
but we are the ones that create our future.

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