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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midlife can be ROCKIN': 5-week Teleclass Launching!!!

From MidLife Crisis to MidLife Awesomeness
Rockin’ the 2nd half of life on your terms … your way, your dreams, 
your JOY!

5-week Teleclass Series
Starting April 4th at 10:00 am PT / 12 Noon CT/ 1:00 pm ET!

          with Maria Lesetz  &  Laura Gates-Lupton, 
Certified Life Coaches

Are you ready to shift the paradigm from feeling like you are in a MIDLIFE CRISIS
EAGERLY ANTICIPATING a ROCKIN’ 2nd half of your life?

Do you feel like something is missing and that you lack direction on what’s next, with nothing specific to look forward to? 

Are you dissatisfied with your career or current job and looking to find out how to do more of what you love and follow your bliss?

This class is for you if you are a woman who finds herself at that point in her life that you personally define as “midlife,” but you are longing for something more!  

You are asking the question "What's next" and you are feeling ...

* Lackluster and a lack of fulfillment in your life

* Like there is not enough time in the day to be the person that you want to be!

* Tired, with little to no "self-care" regimen

* Less than optimistic about this next phase of your life

* A sense of declining health or an expectation that you may have to deal with less than optimal health as you age.

* A lack of connection in your marriage, of that your relationship is not as exciting as you would like it to be.  It lacks the “spark,” and the intimacy.

The list can go on ...

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  You can start right now to change the path of your 2nd half of life.  And Maria Lesetz & Laura Gates-Lupton are going to teach you HOW in this 5-week teleclass series which begins on Thursday, April 4th at 10:00 am Pacific Time / 1:00 pm Eastern Time.

You can decide RIGHT NOW that your 2nd half of life is going to be the best journey of your life.

How does that sound?

You are in for a treat.  Maria Lesetz & Laura Gates-Lupton have a power-packed teleseries planned just for you that is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

In this 5-week teleclass series, you will …

- Get coached by two extraordinary high energy coaches who understand midlife (even though they feel like they are only 30!) and who are going to help you pivot that lackluster feeling to an inspired feeling, one that is mixed with excitement, eager anticipation and a brand new positive outlook on your future.  You will truly feel like you are heading into the best part of your life!  

- Learn how to leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor so that you can create the 2nd half of your life on your terms, so that what you do from here on in is aligned with pure joy.

-       Embrace being happy now, despite any bumps in the road so that you can pave the way to create the life you desire to have from here on in.

-       Learn specific techniques that will help you to improve your overall state of health, increase your energy level and reduce stress.  (Leverage the Mind/Body connection in your favor)

-       Increase personal fulfillment, significantly carving out “ME TIME” … time to refresh, rejuvenate, and nurture your health and soul. 

-       Define your personal truth for midlife … how do you want it to be?  Gaining great clarity around what it is you truly desire.

-       Enhance intimacy of current relationships or if there is a desire, attract that ideal mate!

-       Love yourself more!

- Feel empowered, embracing an "I can do anything" attitude!

This 5-week teleclass series will be like no other you have attended:

Week 1Happiness Despite Obstacles   
(April 4th at 10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET)

Week 2:  Great Health & Increased Energy  
(April 10th at 12 Noon PT / 3:00 pm ET)

Week 3:  Personal Fulfillment / Life Purpose / Career  
(April 17th at 12 Noon PT / 3:00 pm ET)

Week 4:  "ME" Time  ... amping up that self-care and self-love
(April 24th at 12 Noon PT / 3:00 pm ET)

Week 5:  Sex / Intimacy   ... adding that "spark" to your relationships
(May 2nd at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET)

From MidLife Crisis to MidLife Awesomeness
Rockin’ the 2nd half of life on your terms … your way, your dreams, 
your JOY!

5-week Teleclass Series starting April 4th, 2013 
at 10:00 am PT / 12 Noon CT / 1:00 pm ET



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